Meet the Doctor and Team

Meet The Doctor

Dr. Marcelo A. Pereyra began his pursuit of serving humanity at the University of Florida where he studied Nutritional Sciences in preparation to become a doctor. After suffering from a traumatic motorcycle injury during his time at the University of Florida, he became interested in the healing powers of chiropractic care. At that time, he enrolled at Life University where he obtained his Doctorate degree in Chiropractic. During his schooling he learned the importance of the nerve system and its control over the entire human body. He learned that by releasing interference from the spine, the nervous system could function at an optimal level allowing for maximum health.

Beyond his Chiropractic education, Dr. Pereyra is pursuing his master’s degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport. Dr. Pereyra became interested in nutrition after years of suffering from a variety of bodily symptoms without any relief. Frustrated with the lack of results of conventional medicine, he decided to pursue another path. After running further personalized lab panels on himself, he realized that he was suffering from an Autoimmune Thyroid condition called Hashimoto’s. Since his diagnosis of Hashimoto’s, he has been able to control his symptoms through nutritional awareness, supplementation, and removal of nerve interference through chiropractic care. Dr. Pereyra is extremely passionate for helping others through his knowledge and experience with lifestyle and nutritional modifications. Dr. Pereyras’ mission is to help others achieve optimal health through the removal of nerve system interference, implementing nutritional and lifestyle modifications.

Mind and Body Wellness Studio Team:

Our office is blessed with an incredible team. The Mind and Body Wellness Studio family consists of exceptionally kind, intelligent, and hardworking individuals from diverse backgrounds. Our goal is to consistently stay current with the best techniques, and latest information in our field. We thrive to deliver the best quality of care.

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