“It is our mission to re-establish your health from the roots”

At our unique and modern wellness studio you will find all the tools possible for you and your family to achieve maximum health.


"Since beginning my treatment, my quality of life has drastically improved. I went from waking up daily stiff as a brick, unable to touch my toes or even tie my shoes to doing so with ease once again. My posture has also improved as a result of my treatment. I’ve also noticed an improvement in my performance at work and the gym. I’m truly grateful for the care I’ve received as well as the kindness of the staff. I highly recommend those interested book a session as soon as possible, you won’t regret it!" - Rolando J.
"I know I could have thanked you on Tuesday during my session, but couldn’t wait. Today I deadlifted more than I have in about 3 years. I know to a lot of people this doesn’t mean anything but to me it does. This means I’m recovering. Thanks to you and your team. Thank you Doc". - Jorge L.
"They are truly Amazing! The staff makes you feel like family and overall the treatment has seen results not only in my athletic performance but also my overall health. Thank you!" - Enmanuel Salgado
"I feel healthier and energized since I started my program with Dr. Marcelo. I do believe that chiropractic is the best approach to keeping you healthy and strong no matter your age. God bless all the people at Mind and Body Wellness Studio for they are healers in the natural, using their training as Doctors in Chiropractic treatment". -Mario Prado
"Loving and caring environment. The treatments have improved my posture, quality of sleep and overall health". - Yami Saad
"I've been a hairstylist for 20 years and unfortunately my neck and shoulders suffered the consequences. I had been searching for over a year for a way to stop the pain and numbness that was already becoming unbearable. After about 3 months of coming here I have no pain and no numbness. I can't stress enough how happy I am to have taken the recommendation and try something different, which at the end changed my daily life for good." - Silvana Lucia Vengoechea

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